How to tell if your friend is annoyed by you:

  1. Just assume that they are
  2. Cry and worry about it constantly

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Ian’s a weirdo.


Brazilian Opal from Pedro II, Piauí 

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Frozen Inuit princesses redesigns. <3
I think it would have been really awesome if they did something like this instead. Either way, it was really fun to gather reference and draw some snowy cuties.

You do realise that Frozen is based on a fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen - a Dane. And let me inform you that the ethnic demografic of Denmark was almost exclusively caucasian until after WWII - so I think it is really unfair to criticise Disney of whitewashing when it was written and takes place in a country where literally everyone was white!

it’s got a fucking talking snowman and a breed of mono-antlered reindeer with split hooves that’s being impossibly ridden like it’s a fucking caribou and you wanna go out of your way to paragraph at someone about “criticism” when it’s just a picture with the caption “would have been cool if it were like this but i had fun drawing”

you literally want to flop in “historical accuracy” when it’s set in a fictional kingdom, with an amalgamation of clothing styles that are either butchered attempts or native to no one, freaking snow magic, and—allow me to repeat— talking snowmen and improper riding of reindeer that aren’t built to be ridden in the first place. but suddenly Inuit redesigns aren’t historically accurate enough? Because the author of a fictional story was a white Dane?? Might you be interested in learning that the earliest known version of Cinderella was about a Greek slave girl and an Egyptian pharaoh? Historical accuracy doesn’t mean squat to Disney and everyone knows it, it’s an extremely tripe card to pull.

you wanna talk history tho? Greenland was settled by pre-Inuit cultures around what is believed to be 2500BC give or take. King Christian IV claimed Greenland for Denmark in the early 1600s. Which they ‘inherited’ from the Norse, who still only got there in about 980 AD a good 3000 years after the Saqqaq culture(pre-Inuit) did. 

do you literally think that every single person in Denmark/Scandanavia was some kind of 100% white Aryan wet dream until magically after world war 2 some brown people finally wandered by??? even though they had an entire country full of indigenous peoples under their thumb AND a monopoly on trade with the place until like 1953 like is that really something that is going through your head at this very moment because i am truly aghast.

Ask yourselves why you find yourselves thinking, believing, and vehemently protesting that "there were no PoC in [insert european country here] at the time anyways!!!!" like seriously sit down and think about who taught you that white people hold a monopoly on existing every goddamn where.

It’s fanart, a redesign, based on what would have been neat. and there’s literally zero reason to tear it apart just because you’re uncomfortable about the fact that they’re not white.

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Despite getting some hate for not having my own style, I’m happy I spent 2013 experimenting with these fun looks! 

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How Phoenix Convicted A Transgender Woman For Walking Down The Street


A transgender woman of color named Monica Jones was convicted last week for walking down the street. The charge? “Manifestation of prostitution.” But Jones isn’t a sex…

sometimes i want to make big long posts complaining about emotional stuff but i cant bring myself to do that lol

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1. warm and congenial; pleasant or friendly.

2. having a feeling or atmosphere of warmth and friendliness; cosy.

Etymology: German, from Middle High German gemüetlich, from gemüete - spirit, feelings, from Old High German gimuoti, from muot - mind, spirit.

[Teagan White]

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my lil plant seedlings make me happy
I grew something myself and theyre just cute lil baby plants~


even the flowers are happy today!!

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